picked-up pieces while learning about NFT Art and trying to put it in context

Someone I know, actually someone who went to Flatiron a while ago and is now a successful web dev, asked me what I thought of NFT Art. I didn’t know, googled it and as I learned more about it I pivoted and decided to write my blog about it. So buckle up and put on your rose colored glasses. Welcome to NFT Art bootcamp.

explain what an NFT is:

As always we will start with a definition from the dictionary.

Fungible — Able to replace or…

Creating a sign-in for a SPA is fairly straightforward. Without using a crazy advanced encryption method one could make the app so you can: enter your name and password, save that to a database and get access to your account with your pictures, friends etc. But in order to safely pass data back to the database you might want some way to further authenticate that you are who you say you are and your data that you are passing is yours. There are some differences of opinion* online of best practices regarding authentication, but a common solution now is to…

Resources is just a method provided by the rails gem. That’s right, ‘is’. And because resources is a method, resources will perform some kind of action. In rails the resources method allows us to transform a resource through CRUD actions. A resource is a simply an object represented by a model and acted on through a controller. But, because in both rails and the english language a ‘resource’ is referring to a thing of some kind, one might think that resources ought to be the plural version of a noun rather than what it is in rails, a verb. …

With regards to notes and note-taking, notes are like ‘helper methods’ for your brain. They form a bridge between a lecture or a lesson and its implementation. They help us break down complicated ideas into smaller concepts. And because they’re written down you can always go back to them which is nice.

Once you understand a concept you can build off of it. You can try it out in various contexts etc, etc. Helper methods in Ruby work similarly. They define a small task in as succinct a way as possible. Once defined a helper method can be implemented to…

Ben Morgan-Cleveland


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